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Are You Successful?

Before you can answer that question, you have to ask this one: 
What is your definition of Success? Everyone has a definition of success, but the key is, what is yours? The better you can define what success means to you personally and professionally, you'll have a greater opportunity to realize your desired goals and objectives. 

Action Step:
Set a goal this week to put your definition of success in writing. Be sure you define what your meaning of success is and work hard to prevent others from defining it for you.

Quote of the Week:
"Authentic Success is the progressive realization of all that you were meant to be and do."

Have great week!
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Most don't know that the English language is almost alone among major languages in having the word earn in it's vocabulary. Those of us whose native language is English assume that the phrase to earn a living is universal. It isn't. It's almost unique to English. Few languages have the ability to say this.In the Romance languages, for example (a list that includes such major languages as Spanish, French, and Italian) the word used when saying someone earns money, is ganar in Spanish and gagner in French. The word literally means to win. In Hebrew the word marveach means profits. In German, the word verdient means deserves.Obviously, it's very different to win, to deserve or to profit than to earn.From 1960-70, a concerted effort has been made to weed the word (and therefore the cultural value of) earning from American life. Increasingly little is earned. Instead of earning, we're increasingly owed, we have more rights, or we're simply given.Another increasi…